• Specialized exhibition of facilities and services for developme JAPAN THEME PARX EXPO 2019【PARX】
  • Specialized exhibition of facilities and services for club with live music, theater and auditorium LIVE & THEATER EXPO 2019【THEATEX】

International Leisure & Attraction JAPAN Show Management

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FAX: +81-3-5363-0301

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Space Only

Booth size

8.1 sqm. (3.0m x 2.7m) = 1 Booth

The number of booth Price (per booth)
1-3 367,200*1
4-8 345,600*1
More than 9 334,800*1

*JPY10,800/booth will be discount for continuous exhibitors from JAPAN THEME PARK EXPO 2017.
*Our agents may have their own price, so please follow the price the agent offers to you.
*A booth price is different depends on the number of booth you applied.
*If you have agents or distributors in Japan, the local price and benefit are subject to your booth fee.

Rental Package Plan

Space only plan is not included basic panels. Please apply for Rental Package Plan or decorate your booth with your own booth constructor/designer. Rental Package Plan is available if you do not have own decorator.
Please contact to Show Management office if you would like to receive more information.

1Corner Space Charge

JPY 21,600*1 / Corner*2


< Special Discount >

●Early Bird Discount
JPY 32,400*1 / Booth*2
The discount period expires on August 31st, (Sat.), 2018

●Corner Discount
JPY 21,600*1 / Corner*3
The discount period expires on August 31st, (Sat.), 2018

*1All prices are included VAT. *2 Space only *3 Corner space will be applicable for applying more than 2 booths.


By August 2018

Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount (JPY32,400/booth) is available for application who submit the application by the end of August 2018. Also, 1 Corner Space Charge will be free if you applied more than 2 booths.

November 2018

To Start Promotion

PDF invitation Ticket for free admission will be provided to the exhibitors. You may give out the PDF Invitation to your clients, business partners, etc. for promoting the show, which you’ll be participated in.

December 3( Mon.) ・ 4( Tue.), 2018

Booth Installation Days

December 5( Wed.) - 7( Fri.), 2018

International Leisure & Attraction JAPAN 2018

December 7( Fri.), 2018

Booth Dismantling Preiod Immediately Follows The Show Ends.